Friday, November 15, 2019

Jumping on the CBD Oil Bandwagon for Insomnia Relief

One of the questionable joys of aging ~ insomnia! My sleepless nights have gotten worse with each year. During times of increased stress - such as the constant restructuring of my corporate world, family illnesses, unexpected tax bills or listening to CNN, my wakefulness intensifies. Lack of sleep has caused me to be distracted to the point that I inadvertently took my husband's blood pressure medicine instead of my own for two weeks. Fortunately, that error was discovered before I exploded into tiny bits. 

I hadn't seriously considered CBD oil until my sister mentioned that her pancreas specialist had inquired if she'd tried it for pain. She replied in the negative, but reported that her husband had nearly weaned himself from all opiates he'd been taking for excruciating back pain after giving CBD oil a try. My sister-in-law had told me a couple of years ago that one of her friends had experienced cancer remission after using CBD oil.

Following some late night research while I was visiting my dad, I ordered 60 Cherry Mango Flavored 5mg gummies from +PlusCBDOil. Online reviews rate this company as one with the highest quality and quality control with no THC in the product. Guidance suggests starting at a low dosage and then gauging efficacy, 

After less than one week of taking 5mg gummies I have been waking up no more than twice in the middle of the night. For me, this is golden. 

There are several methods of benefiting from CBD oil: topical creams, gels or sprays; liquid drops, capsules, vaping, roll ons or gummies. I chose gummies because they are easy. But I recommend that anybody considering CBD oil to do research and choose what is right for you.

I'm considering taking an extra gummy tonight for a great Friday night sleep!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Honoring My Dad - Cass County Foundation

The Cass County Indiana Foundation honored my father last Friday, November 1, 2019 for his contributions to Cass County, Indiana from the time he moved to the community in 1954. Mayor David Kitchell also named November 1, 2019 Richard Copeland Day and also named him Citizen of the Week.

I am filled with gratitude that the community in which I was raised honored my Dad for his dedication, love and commitment to his adopted home. From the time he moved to the city of Logansport in Cass County, Indiana he embraced the people and its history. He was raised as a farm boy  in Posey County, Indiana who celebrated the opportunity to live a life in a small city community that embraced the modern world, gave him the chance to teach young people, introduced him to my mom, and afforded him the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the world.

Daddy loves Logansport and Cass County, its people, its history, its land and all that it has to offer. History is defined by the people who have lived in a place and time. In order to understand who we are we must study those who came before. My dad has made it his passion to investigate the people who lived, visited, traversed, or considered Cass County in any way. It is amazing to consider the people who have lived in or passed through this whistle stop in North Central Indiana. And thanks to my father, a great deal of those connections have been documented and preserved.

I am filled with gratitude to the Cass  County Foundation that voted to honor my father for his community service and the mayor of Logansport, Dave Kitchell, who named 11/01/2019 as Richard Copeland Day and honored him as Citizen of the Week. He deserves the accolades. I am humbled by his service to community and feel privileged to be his daughter.