Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New York Appellate Division Quashed Mayor Bloomberg and The Nanny State

New York Appellate Division Quashed Mayor Bloomberg and The Nanny State

Let me begin by saying that I have serious reservations about any decisions by the New York State Appellate Division. This state, overall, makes the Federal government giveaways look chintzy. Don’t get me started on the Labor Law, which holds a property owner responsible for the injuries of any idiot that falls off his own ladder while working on the property. 

But I am pleasantly surprised and delighted to see the New York State Appellate Division has handed The Nanny, Mayor Bloomberg, at least a temporary defeat. Based upon my experience with the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, I have little expectation that the decision will stand the scrutiny of the Court of Appeals; however, I will enjoy this moment in time when the nanny state has been stymied.

Yes, I agree that Americans have an obesity problem. But, I am not convinced that obesity is related to high sugar soft drinks and even if it is, it is not up to the government – federal, state, county, precinct or whatever to legislate what one can or cannot ingest.  I am a Libertarian by ideology. Essentially, I believe government should keep its beady little eyes out of my house and bedroom, its fingers out of my wallet, and its laws out of my personal business that does not directly infringe on somebody else’s rights.  If I want to drink high calorie drinks, sit on my backside and watch TV, munch on fries and Big Macs, get diabetes, heart disease or bloat up to a size where I cannot leave my bed, that is my business.  It is only because government do-gooders have decided that the American public, in general, must pay for the personal decisions of the individual that this is even an issue.

Seriously, if somebody wants to live a life filled with degradation, let him or her. But, their health and life insurance rates should reflect their lifestyle decisions. If they can’t afford the premium because they don’t work, oh well,. Too bad. Drink 64-ounce sodas, eat Big Macs and die young.  Don’t increase my insurance premiums to pay for those who wish to live a less healthy life.  

This is America – the land of the free. Free to eat myself into a piano box for a coffin, free to celebrate my freedoms from oppression, free to say what I think; free to believe what I believe, free to be an individual; free to drink a 64 ounce soda if I choose.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chico’s Jeans – Donate a Gently Used Pair of Jeans and Receive $20 Off a New Pair

Chico’s Jeans – Donate a Gently Used Pair of Jeans and Receive $20 Off a New Pair

If you are looking for some fabulous new jeans I urge you to run, not walk or saunter to your nearest Chico’s boutique with a bag of your least favorite jeans in hand.  From now until August 18th, Chico’s is collecting gently worn jeans to donate to the local women’s shelters in the communities in which they are located.  In exchange for your donation, Chico’s is offering a $20 discount on all full price jeans for each pair donated.

I received my call today from my local boutique, which fortuitously came on a cool summer afternoon that made me think ever-so-slightly of fall.   While I did not need any new jeans, the thought of donating in exchange for a discount caught my interest – particularly because I already had two 33-gallon bags filled with donations sitting on the floor of the guest room.  I thought,…”what would it hurt to drop these donations off and have a quick look?”  

So I rummaged through the donations bags, found 3 worthy pair of jeans and then grabbed a 4th former favorite from the closet shelves before heading off to Costco en route to Chico’s. When I entered the store I dropped off my donations and cruised the displays looking for a new pair of jeans to brighten my day.  OMG! The array of options caused my head to spin.

Newer fabric blends that incorporate at least 2% spandex have made today’s body hugging jeans abundantly comfortable, flattering to most, and easy care. Great jeans are not inexpensive, but since I spend most of my weekdays telecommuting from home, when the temperature dips below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, I live and work in my jeans.  And for my unique persona, I enjoy a little pizzazz such as a decorated pocket; roll cuffs or a smashing pattern on the fabric.  

So, I ended up leaving the store with some new, snazzy ankle length uber comfortable jeans including the first pair of stone colored denim that I’ve liked in years. The current selection available is the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

Make your donation to charity and feel good about buying a new pair, or two, or three…..

Saturday, July 27, 2013

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Let me say first that I HATE those brilliant white Chiclet teeth that many celebrities and newsreaders sport. They look like faux teeth and beyond the potential of anything natural.  No doubt most have submitted to having their entire mouths of teeth bonded and endure regular professional whitening treatments.  The glares from their mouths often distract me from the news of the day.  And the bright white makes their teeth look huge~ the focus of the face.

But there is something to be said for maintaining the tooth color that nature gave us. Over time and years of indulging in coffee, tea, and red wine the pearly pseudo whites of my youth became stained and dull.  Since dental insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures such as whitening and giving up espresso, Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, Merlot, Bordeaux blends, and Petit Verdot  is NOT an option,  I’ve tried numerous drugstore options for whitening.

First of all, I really hated the taste of the whitening strips, which I refer to as “no pest “ strips.  Yuck.  After the first few treatments I tossed the lot in the trash. I tried gel. But, that requires a certain amount of dedication to keep applying the gels and trying not to salivate. I love food and drink so avoiding salivation is a bit difficult.  And the trays….not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent.

So I succumbed to the lure and the high reviews on Sephora and ordered the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. GLO is the brainchild of celebrity dentist Jonathan Levine. The product advertises that it provides the same results as whitening procedures in a dentist office.

The device includes a mouthpiece that plugs into an IPod type box that one charges in a way similar to an IPod or cell phone.  The initial packing includes 10 gel packs that need to be refrigerated.  Apply the gel to your teeth, place the mouthpiece that contains an LED light into your mouth, press the button to activate the heat resistors and light and go about your business for 8 minutes while the device whitens the teeth.

The initial treatments require 4- 8-minute sessions each day for 5 days.  For some the difference in color is negligible; and for others it is mind bending.  For me, I can say that without a doubt I noticed a difference. My teeth will never be sparkly white. They never were. And I rather distract others with my engaging smile than Chiclet teeth.  But, I can say I don’t regret the purchase.

GLO Brilliant does require monthly follow up treatment to maintain an optimum tooth color. But, I managed to complete my treatments this afternoon while vacuuming and organizing my closet.

The product is not inexpensive.-around $200. But it is far cheaper than whitening treatments at the dentist office; the gel doesn’t taste bad; it is not messy; it is easy to use; it is reusable. And if you like what it does, you can order an extra mouthpiece for a family member. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taos Sandals – Stylish Comfort~Really!

Taos Sandals – Stylish Comfort

My footwear discovery of the summer – Taos sandals! These sandals provide a combination of style and amazing comfort that I’ve not found elsewhere.

Until I found Taos, my perception of comfort sandals was negatively categorized into two unfortunate visualizations:

a)    The old lady sandal that no self respecting woman under 95 would wear; thinks someone wearing sturdy sandals with support hose with a reinforced toe that bag at the ankles; or
b)   Birkenstocks worn by Boho women who wear long skirts and don’t shave their legs and think it is okay to wear their Birkenstocks with thick socks for warmth.

Now, that isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the comfort of Birkenstocks. I do own a few pair. I did wear my Giza Birkis all over Hong Kong without a blister or a callous. But, face it; even the most flamboyant Birkenstocks are fugly. They are anti-stylish. And wearing less than gorgeous footwear makes me itch. So, it was a delight to find that Taos designs stylish sandals that are also easy on the feet.  Granted, some of the designs have that Euro Sandal look that defies the sensibilities of fashionistas; but I can state unequivocally, the following styles are cute, can be worn with capris, jeans, skirts or casual dresses, and cause no discomfort.

For the best selection at the most reasonable prices, you must check out Zappos.com. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unruly Children and Oblivious Parents

Unruly Children and Oblivious Parents

Because I work in the insurance industry and handle liability claims, I’ve had an abundance of experience investigating circumstances in which unruly children become injured at a retail establishment while their parents blithely ignore them. Of course, when their youngster sustains an injury, the parents always blame the property owner or retail establishment. Unfortunately, juries often side with the parents and perpetuate the theory that any property owner should ensure the safety of even the most obnoxious visitor.

One must ask, what has happened to parental responsibility? From my humble perspective, if you cannot take your children to a public place and ensure they behalf with a modicum of civilized behavior, keep them at home. I can assure all that my parents could take any of their offspring anywhere and know they would behave. That is the result of discipline – something woefully missing in many households.

These are examples I’ve either seen or been told by friends who manage retail establishments:

·      a doctor’s wife visited a women’s clothing store with her child that was eating a piece of pizza. Despite the caution that food and drink are not allowed, said parent brought the child into the store and then thought nothing of it when the little darling wiped his pizza encrusted face on a $160 jacket.  And the parent never considered offer to pay for the item or that her child was a brat.
·      Another parent brought a mentally challenged child into a clothing store; while the parent shopped, the child spent his time popping zits all over the full-length mirror outside the dressing rooms. Did this parent consider the sensibilities of other shoppers? Did she ask for a paper towel and a bottle of Windex to wipe away the goop? No.  Really. How self centered!
·      Parents routinely allow their little darlings to run wild at dining establishments while they sit, sipping their adult beverages, no doubt expecting the wait staff and management to watch their children – not caring that they are disrupting the dining experience for others. And this was in a bar!

Dear parents – if your child cannot behave, leave him or her at home. If you cannot afford a babysitter and do not have the where-with-all to discipline your children, stay home.  And if you do take your child out and he or she misbehaves, leave.  If you take your kids out to dinner, they should sit quietly at your table with you. If you take them to a store, they should be under your supervision at all times and you should be responsible for their actions and any damage they cause. This is common courtesy.  Do not abrogate your responsibility. Or don’t have kids!