Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taos Sandals – Stylish Comfort~Really!

Taos Sandals – Stylish Comfort

My footwear discovery of the summer – Taos sandals! These sandals provide a combination of style and amazing comfort that I’ve not found elsewhere.

Until I found Taos, my perception of comfort sandals was negatively categorized into two unfortunate visualizations:

a)    The old lady sandal that no self respecting woman under 95 would wear; thinks someone wearing sturdy sandals with support hose with a reinforced toe that bag at the ankles; or
b)   Birkenstocks worn by Boho women who wear long skirts and don’t shave their legs and think it is okay to wear their Birkenstocks with thick socks for warmth.

Now, that isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the comfort of Birkenstocks. I do own a few pair. I did wear my Giza Birkis all over Hong Kong without a blister or a callous. But, face it; even the most flamboyant Birkenstocks are fugly. They are anti-stylish. And wearing less than gorgeous footwear makes me itch. So, it was a delight to find that Taos designs stylish sandals that are also easy on the feet.  Granted, some of the designs have that Euro Sandal look that defies the sensibilities of fashionistas; but I can state unequivocally, the following styles are cute, can be worn with capris, jeans, skirts or casual dresses, and cause no discomfort.

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