Monday, July 29, 2013

Chico’s Jeans – Donate a Gently Used Pair of Jeans and Receive $20 Off a New Pair

Chico’s Jeans – Donate a Gently Used Pair of Jeans and Receive $20 Off a New Pair

If you are looking for some fabulous new jeans I urge you to run, not walk or saunter to your nearest Chico’s boutique with a bag of your least favorite jeans in hand.  From now until August 18th, Chico’s is collecting gently worn jeans to donate to the local women’s shelters in the communities in which they are located.  In exchange for your donation, Chico’s is offering a $20 discount on all full price jeans for each pair donated.

I received my call today from my local boutique, which fortuitously came on a cool summer afternoon that made me think ever-so-slightly of fall.   While I did not need any new jeans, the thought of donating in exchange for a discount caught my interest – particularly because I already had two 33-gallon bags filled with donations sitting on the floor of the guest room.  I thought,…”what would it hurt to drop these donations off and have a quick look?”  

So I rummaged through the donations bags, found 3 worthy pair of jeans and then grabbed a 4th former favorite from the closet shelves before heading off to Costco en route to Chico’s. When I entered the store I dropped off my donations and cruised the displays looking for a new pair of jeans to brighten my day.  OMG! The array of options caused my head to spin.

Newer fabric blends that incorporate at least 2% spandex have made today’s body hugging jeans abundantly comfortable, flattering to most, and easy care. Great jeans are not inexpensive, but since I spend most of my weekdays telecommuting from home, when the temperature dips below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, I live and work in my jeans.  And for my unique persona, I enjoy a little pizzazz such as a decorated pocket; roll cuffs or a smashing pattern on the fabric.  

So, I ended up leaving the store with some new, snazzy ankle length uber comfortable jeans including the first pair of stone colored denim that I’ve liked in years. The current selection available is the best I’ve seen in a very long time.

Make your donation to charity and feel good about buying a new pair, or two, or three…..

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