Monday, February 29, 2016

Why I No Longer Watch The Academy Awards~

It has been several years since I’ve had any interest in watching the televised extravaganza that is the Oscars primarily because 1) the telecast is boring; 2) I haven’t seen and do not plan to watch most of the nominated movies; 3) I am completely turned off by actors espousing political agendas during an entertainment program; 4) movies people actually pay to go see in a theater are rarely nominated; and 5) premium television has made Hollywood movies almost obsolete.

HBO, Showtime, AMC, Starz and FX create premium television shows that are better than what Hollywood churns out; and I can watch Game if Thrones, Homeland, Billions, or The Walking Dead at home on my large screen TV with surround sound in a comfortable chair with the fire place providing ambiance and warmth as I sip a lovely glass of wine.

In the last year I have gone to a theater to watch a movie twice. We saw Spectre and Star Wars.  My spousal unit went to the theater to see The Martian. I didn’t. The cost to see Star Wars in 3D at an IMAX theater was $42 for two of us without popcorn.  It was entertaining, but I would not do that again.

We did watch Bridge of Spies and Spotlight on pay-per-view at a cost of $5.99 each. While I thought both movies were well done, I do not care to see either film again and I certainly will not pay to see them again.

With the exception of The Revenant, I have no desire to see any of the other nominated films either in the theater or on pay-per-view. Perhaps, if there is nothing else on television such as reruns of Fixer Upper, Flip Or Flop or Love It Or List It after the films are released to HBO, we might watch one of the other films.

The last winner of Best Picture that I’ve had any desire to watch a second time is the 2002 winner Chicago. Prior to that – Titanic in 1997, Braveheart in 1995, then back to the 80’s for Platoon, Out of Africa and Terms of Endearment. That is not a stellar track record in my book.

So during the broadcast of the Academy Awards on Sunday night, we ate pizza, Todd calibrated his telescope, and I read a book. I didn’t even check to see who won this morning.  
I prefer this Oscar!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Awesome Undies for Women of a Certain Age~Hanky Panky

With Spring just around the corner my thoughts have turned to new spring fashions and my crusade to eliminate that most unfortunate of fashion faux pas that is particularly annoying whilst one is sporting white or light colored trousers or leggings – the visible panty line (“VPL”).  There really is no excuse for tormenting sensitive souls with the sights of VPL. The solution is called the thong!!

Yes, I know many of us who were brought up to avoid wearing patent leather shoes because they could reflect one’s undies and give a teenage boy the wrong idea are horrified at the idea of donning what appears to be an uncomfortable bit of fabric that bisects one’s private area like dental floss.  But there are extremely comfortable products on the market today that any women wearing white linen pants should explore.

Bar none the best thong for hidden comfort under trousers, leggings and yoga pants is the exceptionally designed Hanky Panky 4811 Original Rise Thong in stretch lace.  It is one size fits most stretching from sizes 4-12 with the Plus Size version fitting sizes 14-24. It is virtually invisible under clothing. Hanky Panky has registered the trademarked phrase The World’s Most Comfortable Thong ® with good reason.

There is no excuse to wear granny panties in the 21st Century! Live it up a bit, throw caution to the wind and give yourself a chance to feel alive and sexy with nobody to know but you. There is a certain power in that.

 I’ve been a convert to thong undies for many years because of my disdain for the dreaded VPL.  Despite the Wall Street Journal describing the Hanky Panky offering as “lace butter” in 2004. I resisted because these Made In The USA products are not inexpensive at $20+ per pair and I just couldn’t conceive of paying that much for something I could buy from Soma Or Victoria’s Secret 5 for $35.  But I reached that age when I thought if not now, when? I deserve to wear delightful lingerie! I deserve to feel joy when I open my underwear drawer to get dressed each morning. And I love giving my husband something to think about while he’s away on a business trip.

No matter your age or size, celebrate each day with divine undies. Check out these sites for Hanky Panky products.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Harrington Traveling Photographic Artists - HTPA

My husband Todd and I have been remiss in promoting our new website, which showcases and offers for sale some of our artwork.  We are committed to using historic photographic processes in modern ways.

Todd is also gearing up to launch the astro-photography facet of our business which will offer beautiful images of galaxies and nebula that cannot be seen with the naked eye peering through a telescope. We are excited to be offering images using the earliest to the most up to date methods of imaging.

Check our our website and the launch of our blog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dealing with Befuddlement While Waiting for the Change~

In the corporate world I’m currently befuddled, in flux, in limbo, caught between the past and the future, leaving behind a job I love and have done well and looking forward to the next position that I will assume likely sometime in mid-March.  I am embracing the opportunity to do something new, to report to a regional manager I like and respect, to work with new people, to explore a new corporate culture, to move back into management.

Fifteen years ago I decided that dealing with personnel issues in a crisis management situation after the merger of two weak companies that were eventually sold off and no longer exist that I would rather be responsible only for myself. I said to myself – never again -despite knowing how foolhardy it can be to say “NEVER”.  But that was before I found Al-Anon, embraced yoga, learned to mediate, found my spirituality in the beauty of Nature and learned to live life on life’s terms and accept people, including myself, for who they are. In the past 15 years I’ve grown, developed wisdom and soft skills, courage, fortitude, self- knowledge and the appreciation of what is needed to manage others.

As part of the restructuring and integration of my newly formed employer post acquisition by another insurer I will be assuming a new role. But for now it is business as usual. I feel caught between the old and the new, the past and the future, the comfort of what I know to the excitement of what is to come, the desire to move forward with the acceptance that the change will come when it is time, the regret that some people I care for are leaving or unhappy with the changes versus the celebration that others I respect have earned plum positions in the new company.

I have allowed the uncertainty to affect my focus. My mind wanders. My concentration is a bit off.  I can read the same document several times and still overlook the same error while proofreading. It is frustrating. But I need to give myself a break.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hanover House by Brenda Novak – A Book Review

Hanover House is the prequel to a new series about psychiatrist Evelyn Talbot, who has devoted her life to the study of psychopaths as a result of having been kidnapped and tortured at the age of 16. Her assailant, her high school boyfriend, has never been apprehended.  To fight back, she wants to learn the cause of psychopathy and hopes to prevent others from experiencing what she has endured.

The prequel sets the stage for the series that will be set in the small town of Hilltop, Alaska about an our outside Anchorage, where the government has agreed to build a facility for her and her team of mental health professionals to study the most heinous of convicted psychopaths.  The locals do not want a prison full of psychopaths in their midst – but they need the jobs the facility will provide. It will no doubt be an interesting series.

I like that the book focused on the resilience of Evelyn Talbot in addition to her residual post-traumatic stress syndrome. The characterizations seem solid with the protagonists reacting realistically.  The high school serial killer also makes an appearance.

I’m intrigued enough to look forward to the initial episode in the series titled Her Darkest Nightmare, which is to be released by St. Martin’s Press in September 2016. That being said I didn’t love the prose. The language was a bit too “Dick & Jane” simple for me to feel joy.