Sunday, February 21, 2016

Awesome Undies for Women of a Certain Age~Hanky Panky

With Spring just around the corner my thoughts have turned to new spring fashions and my crusade to eliminate that most unfortunate of fashion faux pas that is particularly annoying whilst one is sporting white or light colored trousers or leggings – the visible panty line (“VPL”).  There really is no excuse for tormenting sensitive souls with the sights of VPL. The solution is called the thong!!

Yes, I know many of us who were brought up to avoid wearing patent leather shoes because they could reflect one’s undies and give a teenage boy the wrong idea are horrified at the idea of donning what appears to be an uncomfortable bit of fabric that bisects one’s private area like dental floss.  But there are extremely comfortable products on the market today that any women wearing white linen pants should explore.

Bar none the best thong for hidden comfort under trousers, leggings and yoga pants is the exceptionally designed Hanky Panky 4811 Original Rise Thong in stretch lace.  It is one size fits most stretching from sizes 4-12 with the Plus Size version fitting sizes 14-24. It is virtually invisible under clothing. Hanky Panky has registered the trademarked phrase The World’s Most Comfortable Thong ® with good reason.

There is no excuse to wear granny panties in the 21st Century! Live it up a bit, throw caution to the wind and give yourself a chance to feel alive and sexy with nobody to know but you. There is a certain power in that.

 I’ve been a convert to thong undies for many years because of my disdain for the dreaded VPL.  Despite the Wall Street Journal describing the Hanky Panky offering as “lace butter” in 2004. I resisted because these Made In The USA products are not inexpensive at $20+ per pair and I just couldn’t conceive of paying that much for something I could buy from Soma Or Victoria’s Secret 5 for $35.  But I reached that age when I thought if not now, when? I deserve to wear delightful lingerie! I deserve to feel joy when I open my underwear drawer to get dressed each morning. And I love giving my husband something to think about while he’s away on a business trip.

No matter your age or size, celebrate each day with divine undies. Check out these sites for Hanky Panky products.

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