Sunday, June 30, 2019

Government Funded = Taxpayer Funded

 The multidudes of Democrat candidates seeking the party nomination have clearly stated that they want to take more money from the working people who pay taxes to redistribute to people who do not. Yet, they purport to represent ‘working Americans’. Amazingly, these politicians fail to differentiate what they consider a ‘working American.’

I am a working American. All of my friends & acquaintances are working Americans. Yet, these politicos want to transfer the earnings of SOME working Americans to OTHER working Americans that are deemed more ‘worthy’ ( or leaches who do not work) based upon an unidentifiable quotient. Apparently ‘successful’  working Americans who played by the rules, worked hard, achieved a version of the American Dream that  somebody deems ‘too successful’ should pay to support those who did not work so hard, decided to take a different path, played by different rules, failed to study at school, and broke the law. Is this a winning philosophy?

The current crop of politicians and liberals refuse to acknowledge the very foundations of the ethic that the original settlers subscribed to for survival. Those who do not work do not eat. This was the philosophy of Jamestown & the Purtitan Massachusetts colony. The community required every member to contribute. This is the very foundation of the American way. No handouts for those who do not contribute.

The early immigrants to our shores braved unfriendly seas, disease, hardship, an inhospitable land, 17th Century technology, the unknown, and a high likelihood of premature death to carve out a life free of religious or political oppression.  Nobody gave them anything.

Nobody owes any of us anything except the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. This does not include FREE benefits paid for by one’s fellow citizens. Instead, one is entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of press, the right to own arms and other freedoms SPECIFIED by the Constitution. If it isn’t mentioned, it is not a right.

If Congress wants to create another right, such as a right to healthcare, draft a Constitutional amendment that requires ratification by the states. Until such time, additional ‘rights’ do not exist.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hate, Incivility & Rudeness Are Inexcusable From Anyone!

My parents raised me to treat every human being with courtesy and respect - even if I disagreed with their opinions, disliked them personally, disapproved of their actions, or felt no respect. Regretfully, too many citizens of the USA believe that it is perfectly acceptable and reasonable to exhibit disgust, hate, rudeness, offense, and disdain in public towards individuals who may have a different ideology or political opinion. The incivility is encouraged by the media,  spouted by opposing politicians, and defended by individuals that feel self righteous in their opinions. Incivility is NOT acceptable.

Because I know that I will never change the minds of those who disagree with me politically, I've attempted to  refrain from stepping into the current political fray. However, the actions of individuals from both sides of the political spectrum have reached levels of incivility so extreme that it is impossible for me to stay silent. The actions of members of Congress, political candidates, media personalities, and citizens of the republic have been unacceptable. No excuses for the rudeness!

Spitting on somebody who is dining in a restaurant is intolerably offensive, childish, inexcusable, wrong, and beyond the bounds of civility in society.

Refusing to serve an individual in a restaurant, hotel, diner, or a place of public accommodation because of political affiliation  is illegal, discriminatory, rude, childish, immature, unacceptable and akin to refusing to serve an individual based upon race, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Discrimination of any kind is wrong. If it is wrong to refuse to serve somebody based upon religion, it is wrong to refuse to serve somebody based upon political affiliation.

The rhetorical denigration of individuals who do not agree with one's political philosophy to the extent we are seeing today is not extraordinary. The vehement disagreements regarding the role of the federal government predates the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. However, the lack of civility by those who exhaust themselves "hating" a political leader that is polarizing, arguably obnoxious, but has otherwise been benign, puzzles me - as do the arguments that socialism is a viable option to capitalism. I lived in Hong Kong, the best example of the success of capitalism on earth, and one of the most vibrant economies that ever existed. You are entitled to your opinion. However, no citizen should be entitled to infringe on the rights of another citizen to enjoy the privileges of society.

You can't have it both ways. Either there is equal treatment under the law for all citizens and guests of this country, or there is not. Choose! Either discrimination for any reason is legal or illegal.  i was raised to believe that discrimination based upon any basis was wrong.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Appreciating a Weekend With My Dad

Todd and I are eastbound on I70 headed home to Virginia after spending a glorious weekend with my dad in Indiana. At 87 he’s been experiencing some health problems; and I needed to check in, sit with him on the screened porch in the back yard under the shade of the pecan trees, enjoy a few much needed hugs, and indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

Initially, his doctors thought he had pneumonia, or bronchitis, or congestive heart failure or a mild heart attack. Apparently, his chronic kidney disease was screaming at him to drink more water and stop lugging gigantic rocks around the yard after Kentucky Derby parties.

 He is not a typical octogenarian. He still walks faster than I. He gives talks on historical characters from Cass County, Indiana without notes. He plays the piano, goes to chair yoga, hosts parties, and goes out with friends regularly.

However, he is frustrated that he has been advised to stop the heavy lifting, cut back on salt, has his driving wings clipped a bit, and has to rest more frequently. But I don’t want him to give up all that makes him enjoy life with such gusto.

I am filled with gratitude that he has such wonderful friends and neighbors who love him and look out for him. I just wish sometimes I lived closer so I could spend more peaceful hours on the porch listening to his wren serenade him. Thank you, Daddy, for a joyous weekend.