Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beat the Heat in a Carefree Summer Dress from Soma!

Beat the Heat in a Carefree Summer Dress from Soma!

As a summer girl who loves the sun, warm breezes and heat [sans humidity] I have found the most comfortable clothes to stay cool and collected on the 90 -degree plus days is a lightweight carefree dress. And the best selection of easy care, flattering to all, reasonably priced summer dresses can be found at Soma, a division of Chico’s that began as strictly a lingerie and leisure wear brand.

In my early adulthood I was an aficionado of natural fabrics with a particular love of linen. I love how fine handkerchief linen breathes and feels on. However, with maturity has come an appreciation of ease and I’ve come to shun the iron [with the exception, of course, of my mid 19th Century attire that must be from period appropriate fabrics and starched accordingly].  So – many of my lovely linen former favorites have gone into the donation bag.

This summer in particular Soma or has offered a fabulous selection of easy care knit dresses that one can pull over the head and be dressed for the day. They are machine washable and dryable. One has a choice of above the knee, at the knee and maxi styles. And at full price the most expensive is $89.00 with most in the $49.00 to $69.00 range. The sale prices have plunged to as low as $29.00. Best of all, if you Google “coupon codes for Soma” or something similar and search a little, you will likely find an additional discount.  Today offered 50% off the highest item when buying 2 or more items with code 16011!

I love these dresses so much I used my coupon to order 2 more this morning!

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