Sunday, July 14, 2013

Recovering from 150th Gettysburg @ Poplar Springs Spa

Recovering from 150th Gettysburg @ Poplar Springs Spa

For various reasons, other than visiting relatives, my husband and I have had no real vacation or self-indulgences since September 2011 when we spent a week in Charleston and Hilton Head.  And for the last few months we’ve concentrated our efforts in preparing for the 150th Gettysburg events, which were wonderful, fascinating and exhausting.  Every evening at home since the BGA event, we’ve worked on print orders, addressing envelopes, wrapping ambrotypes for shipping, and trying to ensure timely deliveries to our valued customers.

We’d promised ourselves a treat after the last event and yesterday we journeyed to the charming Poplar Springs Inn and Spa outside Warrenton, Virginia for long overdue massages and relaxation steaming in the sauna.  We love Poplar Springs because of its rural environment in the beautiful countryside of Fauquier County and because the spa offers a complete experience with options that include the fabulous couples massage, European facials, aromatherapy massage, an outdoor hot tub, and a steam room in both the women’s and men’s locker rooms.

With every touch of masseur Zack’s hands the stress and tension melted away. In particular the tension was concentrated in my neck and right shoulder; and the tightness increased daily as I sat at my desk with eyes glued to my work computer screen.  But Zack with seeming magic pressed the stress, pain and tension from my body as if squeezing toothpaste from a tube. After our massages and time spent relaxed in the steam room, we both admitted to feeling a lightness of being that we’d forgotten could exist and mused as to why we’ve considered massage a treat rather than a necessity to maintain health and sanity in the modern world.

To add the whipped cream to our morning, we headed into Warrenton for lunch at one of our favorite dining establishments, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, where we enjoyed a wine flight apiece and a lovely lunch created with mostly local ingredients.  I’m still smiling when I think about our day.

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