Saturday, July 27, 2013

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Let me say first that I HATE those brilliant white Chiclet teeth that many celebrities and newsreaders sport. They look like faux teeth and beyond the potential of anything natural.  No doubt most have submitted to having their entire mouths of teeth bonded and endure regular professional whitening treatments.  The glares from their mouths often distract me from the news of the day.  And the bright white makes their teeth look huge~ the focus of the face.

But there is something to be said for maintaining the tooth color that nature gave us. Over time and years of indulging in coffee, tea, and red wine the pearly pseudo whites of my youth became stained and dull.  Since dental insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures such as whitening and giving up espresso, Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, Merlot, Bordeaux blends, and Petit Verdot  is NOT an option,  I’ve tried numerous drugstore options for whitening.

First of all, I really hated the taste of the whitening strips, which I refer to as “no pest “ strips.  Yuck.  After the first few treatments I tossed the lot in the trash. I tried gel. But, that requires a certain amount of dedication to keep applying the gels and trying not to salivate. I love food and drink so avoiding salivation is a bit difficult.  And the trays….not gonna happen. Wouldn’t be prudent.

So I succumbed to the lure and the high reviews on Sephora and ordered the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. GLO is the brainchild of celebrity dentist Jonathan Levine. The product advertises that it provides the same results as whitening procedures in a dentist office.

The device includes a mouthpiece that plugs into an IPod type box that one charges in a way similar to an IPod or cell phone.  The initial packing includes 10 gel packs that need to be refrigerated.  Apply the gel to your teeth, place the mouthpiece that contains an LED light into your mouth, press the button to activate the heat resistors and light and go about your business for 8 minutes while the device whitens the teeth.

The initial treatments require 4- 8-minute sessions each day for 5 days.  For some the difference in color is negligible; and for others it is mind bending.  For me, I can say that without a doubt I noticed a difference. My teeth will never be sparkly white. They never were. And I rather distract others with my engaging smile than Chiclet teeth.  But, I can say I don’t regret the purchase.

GLO Brilliant does require monthly follow up treatment to maintain an optimum tooth color. But, I managed to complete my treatments this afternoon while vacuuming and organizing my closet.

The product is not inexpensive.-around $200. But it is far cheaper than whitening treatments at the dentist office; the gel doesn’t taste bad; it is not messy; it is easy to use; it is reusable. And if you like what it does, you can order an extra mouthpiece for a family member. 

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  1. Professional teeth whitening treatment typically takes three to four weeks. First, the dental team needs to make the mouth guard using impressions to ensure that the teeth whitening solution goes on all the teeth.