Friday, November 9, 2012

David Petraeus Resigns – America Loses

David Petraeus Resigns – America Loses

The news that CIA Director David Petraeus resigned because the FBI uncovered evidence he had engaged in an extra marital affair and was, therefore, a security risk, is a sad day for America.

When one considers how many modern presidents have had mistresses, it seems inconceivable that in today’s world, a man so completely qualified to lead the CIA would be perceived as a blackmail risk because of infidelity.  No wonder conspiracy theorists are espousing the view that he knew too much about the Benghazi debacle and fell on his sword to save the administration and a president he was sworn to serve.

Frankly, when the security of our nation is at risk, I would much rather trust the experience of General Petraeus with my life than a squeaky clean politically entrenched sycophant who has never been in the trenches. General Petraeus by all accounts authored the definitive book on counterinsurgency. Someone with his credentials would never succumb to blackmail. Instead he would admit his peccadillos and support the United States of America as he swore to do. Anything else would be anathema to such a patriot.

So, he had an affair. Unless one has walked in the shoes of a person one cannot judge. It is no doubt painful for him and his family. But those who engage in combat missions have stresses that those of us safely stateside cannot fathom. Deployed military personnel spend months and sometimes years away from their families, not knowing if they will have a tomorrow. And general officers are more isolated because of regulations and protocol regarding fraternizing with those of lesser rank. 

If he was asked to resign to avoid testifying before the Senate and House intelligence committees (can you spell “oxymoron”?) that is a travesty for America. If he was compelled to resign because he had an affair, it is hypocritical.
I certainly hope none of those casting stones live in houses built of glass or cards or ever made a mistake proving they are human.

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