Sunday, March 10, 2013

Washington, DC Exurbanites and Sundays at Wegman’s

Washington, DC Exurbanites and Sundays at Wegman’s

My husband and I motored into Arlington, Virginia this afternoon to meet some friends for a late lunch at Fireworks, our favorite purveyor of wood-fired pizza that also has a revolving selection of fabulous craft beers on tap. While we both commute into Washington for work, we rarely venture into the city on weekends.  But we looked forward to meeting our friends and  today was one of those gorgeous March days filled with sun and balmy weather that gave us a glimpse of the spring to come. 

As we headed back to Winchester, we decided to stop at Wegman’s, in Sterling, which is for us a destination – not just a supermarket.  Just the thought of the Mediterranean bar filled with an array of olives, hummus, tapenade and bruschetta is enough to make my heart sing.  The prepared food selection for one or two people is amazing. And the prices are more than competitive, even economical compared to the local supermarket chains that offer far less quality and nominal selections of items comparatively. Really, if Wegman’s moved to Winchester my life would be complete!

Apparently we are not the only exurbanites of our nation’s capitol that believe an outing to Wegman’s on a Sunday afternoon to be far more appealing than a visit to the Smithsonian. This evening at about 5:00pm the Sterling Wegman’s  was more crowded than  a super Walmart on the day the social security checks are delivered! The store was nearly out of bananas!

But we found our nirvana. We loaded our cart with pecan crusted tilapia, crab stuffed mushrooms, wine, dried cranberries from the “mix your own trail mix bar”, chocolate covered chocolate chip brownies in the bakery, bourbon smoked ham at the deli, gorgonzola, blue cheese, and herbs mixed with feta, olive tapenade (which becomes a part of every sandwich), wine, organic espresso beans, savory olive bread, and the perfect peanut butter chocolate chip cookies than remain soft and melt on your mouth. It was like going to the fair. Joyous! Crowded. An exhibition of humanity.  

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