Thursday, May 16, 2013

Women With Facial Fur~ Why Don’t You Flick That Bic?

Women With Facial Fur~ Why Don’t You Flick That Bic?

As a woman who has been afflicted with facial peach fuzz much of her adult life, I’ve always been perplexed by some women who seem perfectly normal otherwise who decline to eradicate their facial fur.  Really, bleaching does nothing more than cause the fur to be less visible at a distance; but if you think you’re disguising that dreaded mustache, you aren’t. Believe me, it is noticeable at more than 10 feet.

There are various ways to eradicate these errant hairs. Plucking, tweezing, waxing, chemicals, or shaving will do the trick. I’ve known some women who only have their mustaches waxed for a special event, such as a family wedding.  Why isn’t everyday a special occasion?

I know, that with the hormonal changes that come with maturity, those pesky hairs pop up more frequently and in the most unflattering places. It is amazing that some of those little devils can grow what seems like an inch over night. Really, the only thing missing is the big wart to make one feel like a cartoon witch!  But there is no reason to leave those unsightly furry bits on one’s face.

Any drug store has bulk packages of disposable razors. I can assure you they don’t hurt or make the hair grow in thicker. And even if it did make the hair grow in thicker – that can also be removed.

Plucking or tweezing works well for those situations where there are only a few errant hairs on the chin or under a well manicured brow. Otherwise, it is too time consuming and can be a bit painful.

For those who do not have particularly sensitive skin or rosacea, waxing is the way to go. It is cheap at one of those Vietnamese nail salons and the results last longer. If you do have delicate skin, however, it could cause an outbreak of rosacea. 

If you happen to have gobs of cash at your disposal, consult a dermatologist and have electrolysis or some other magical treatment.

But really, don’t walk around looking like contestant for the role of bearded / mustachioed woman at the fair.  Flick the Bic and remove that fir. You will feel better. So will I, because I won’t be wondering to myself why? Why? Why?

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