Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It’s Time To Stop the Princess Myth & the Focus on Pink for Girls & Blue for Boys

It’s Time To Stop the Princess Myth & the Focus on Pink for Girls & Blue for Boys

I still don’t get it. Why, in this advanced age, do parents submit to the stereotypes that baby girls wear pink and aspire to be princesses and boys wear blue and aspire to be action heroes?  As a savvy, cool grandmother who came of age in the 1970’s and appreciates fashion, encouraging girls and boys to pursue their dreams. and dreams of a world that does not categorize by gender, I’m appalled that it is so challenging to find baby clothes and toys that are not sex specific. Who decided that girls should love pink and boys baby blue?

I don’t like pink or baby blue. Why is it nearly impossible to find clothes and accessories for a baby or young child that are red, green, yellow, orange or purple and gender neutral? Why do all of the options have themes that identify the child as a boy or girl in colors that should denote the sex of the child?

How are we to empower young people if we pigeonhole them from infancy?  Why not afford babies and children the opportunity to experience all of the colors of the rainbow? Not every girl appreciates pink. I was born with red hair and never looked good in pink. But I’ve always loved cobalt blue and green. Why limit the color options for girls to pastels and pink in particular? And foisting the princess myth on young girls discourages diversity of thought.  How many real princesses can you name? Just as I thought - less than 5!

Let’s stop the limitation of gender focused baby paraphernalia. Open the door to the wonderful world of color and the opportunities the world offers.

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