Friday, December 18, 2015

Celebrating Today!

As we all know, life throws us curve balls. We never know what tomorrow brings. But I choose to expect the Universe will bring me blessings. I know some of those blessings will be bittersweet. There are some milestones I don’t want to face. But I know I must. Until that day when I must let go of what must come I want to celebrate the joy of having both of my parents and in-laws in my life. I want to give thanks that my husband’s 103-year-old grandmother is still with us.

I give thanks that the changes coming with the acquisition of my company may ultimately be beneficial. This week I was advised that my name is in a box in the new organizational chart. I have a job in the coming year. There will be changes but I am ready to embrace the changes, celebrate the opportunities, and forge ahead with an open mind. I will be reporting to a manager that I like and respect. For that I couldn’t be happier or more grateful. I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon ready to spread my wings to fly into the pollinated flowers and embrace whatever comes.  I’ve come to appreciate that changes are not just inevitable, changes generally brings good fortune if I approach what must come with the right attitude.

Yes the changes will be bittersweet. I’ve been blessed to work for a company that has treated me well. I’ve had the pleasure to work with dynamic, committed individuals who has taught me a lot and given me some enhanced tools so that I can succeed anywhere. But I am committed to press forward and see what the future brings in this new organization. I can feel the energy. The road will likely be rocky. I’ve been through mergers & acquisitions in the past and even in the best of circumstances there will be challenges. But I do believe the future waits with abundant opportunity. I just have to be receptive.

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