Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Celebrating Blessings ~ Happy Birthday to my Husband Todd!

Today is my husband’s 56th birthday. He is out of town on business. We’ve both been pre-occupied with work and the mundane distractions of life.  When he called me this morning to remind me that the gutter guy from Handyman Connection would be arriving at 8:00am to replace a gutter, I forgot to wish him Happy Birthday.
From the moment I signed onto my work computer I looked at the date blazing in the upper right hand corner of my monitor that flashed a bright red reminder that this was June 8th; yet it didn’t register in my brain and I neglected to wish him a happy birthday during our chats throughout the day.  It was not until 9:00pm after I’d finished a long day, he had eaten carry out pizza in his hotel room, and I called to say goodnight that it struck me. I had forgotten Todd’s birthday!
Fortunately, since we first met on February 7, 2005, we’ve celebrated each day as if it were a special event. We met at the right time in our lives to appreciate one another. Had we met years earlier we would not have connected. It took years of life lessons, learning from past experiences, acknowledging truths about ourselves, refining expectations, setting boundaries, accepting our differences (like his loathsome taste in music), appreciating our shared loves and interests, and making the decisions to give one another space to be who we need to be to create a joyful marriage.

I feel blessed and filled with gratitude that we have established this connection and acceptance of one another. When we spoke this evening and I realized I’d neglected to wish him a happy birthday I suddenly felt filled with joy that he’d not pouted or criticized or expressed disappointment. Instead he gently reminded me, accepted my tardy expressions of love, and let it go. I am filled with gratitude for my good fortune to have such a gem in my life.

Thank you my dear spousal unit and happy birthday!

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