Sunday, October 22, 2017

Too many topics ~ Not Enough Motivations

Sometimes I’m stymied by too many options about which to write rather than writers block. Perhaps that has been my challenge in recent history. These are the topics that currently resonate with me:

* Tax Reform
* The media trying, convicting, tarring & feathering flawed individuals and jumping on a bandwagon of vilification instead of unbiased reporting of actual facts;
* Remembering Mom on her first birthday following her death;
* The passing of family friend, former Indiana State Treasurer, and one time         neighbor Julian Ridlen;
* Home grown terrorism in Las Vegas;
* Apologists & psychologists that blame the growing problem of teen and young adult depression & anxiety on the evil world we live in, 24/7 news & social media instead of helicopter parents, participation trophies, a lowest common denominator focused school curriculum, safe spaces, trigger warnings and over protectionism that prevents young people from learning life skills, rebounding from failure, accepting responsibility for actions, acceptance that life isn’t easy or fair, that decisions have consequences, that few things in life are free, and that sticks and stones can break your bones but names can never harm you!
* That statues or other inanimate objects have no power to hurt;
* History is in the past; revisionist history doesn’t change what happened in the past;
* The world today is safer, significantly less violent, richer, healthier, more accessible, cleaner, longer lived, more compassionate, better smelling, with greater equality than at any time in history;
* Leftist agendas inspiring anarchists and home grown terrorists to place pipe bombs at Civil War reenactments with the apparent small minded intention of preventing living historians from educating the public, families from gathering to remember a time before electricity, telephones, refrigerators, stoves, air conditioning, washers & dryers, mass produced clothing, vacuum cleaners, dry cleaning, indoor plumbing, and individuals from honoring his or her ancestors.
* The KonMari Method can also be used to clear one’s brain of clutter;
* Sometimes it is necessary to cut the ties that bind one to an acquaintance of family member for peace & serenity;
* I want a Siberian cat;
* The business philosophy of Bombas, a premium sock company that donates socks to the homeless; 
* Zombie targets are awesome!
* My favorite Netflix DVD binge watching;
* Still obsessed with Game of Thrones;
* The Well Armed Woman - a great organization that promotes firearm training & safety for women;
* Family dynamics;
* Healing spaces 
* Priorities change with wisdom & aging;
* The importance of trying new things, evolving, embracing change;
* The meaning of true friendship;
* An opinion isn’t facts;

* Facts can be manipulated;

This is only a partial list of what calls me to write. What would you like to see? 

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