Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Honor the Patriots Who Founded Our Country

In today’s world of polarization and political correctness it is fashionable to denigrate the founders of our constitutional republic as privileged white men. If one reconsiders the historical context of time and place and contemplates where modern Americans would be today without the heroism of those who put their necks on the line for independence from Britain, perhaps there would be at least an iota of gratitude for the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Regretfully, current American school curriculums fail to devote appropriate time and study to the founding of our nation. Yes, there were slave owners. Yes, there were flawed human beings that do not withstand the sensibilities and morals of today. However, these were men of their time who descended from brave and desperate people looking to escape religious or political oppression that risked death just by boarding a ship to cross harrowing seas looking for opportunities. Considering the scarcity of books, they were educated by the age of 16 beyond PhD level graduates of today. They lived in a hard scrabble environment without indoor plumbing, electricity, clean water, easy transportation, paved roads, heat, air conditioning, steam engines, telephone, Internet, cars, trains, modern medicine, gasoline, credit cards, a central bank, the  Constitution, civil rights, college loans, or any of the conveniences people today take for granted.

Instead of denigrating those who founded our nation, consider that without the decisions made by those who signed the Declaration of a Independence (who were accused of treason) we would more than likely still be subjects of Britain, contributing tax dollars to the monarchy, subjected to socialized medicine, endure an antiquated class system, be limited to 6 TVchannels, have to join the. Church of England, watch cricket and drink warm beer.

Just consider...we’ve come a long way since 1776!

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