Friday, September 6, 2019

How Can I Be 60?

It is still hard for me to fathom that my compadres and I have experienced 60 years on this planet. How did so many years pass? I still see glimpses in my distant memory of looking out the window from my brother’s bedroom, seeing the school children boarding the school buses, and hoping to one day be one of those students. Wow!

As I fully embrace the dynamic woman of a certain age that I am today I look back with a semblance of pride and amazement at the challenges that women of my generation overcame  to achieve success and credibility in the corporate world, arts, sciences, politics, the law, as business owners, entrepreneurs, physicians, researchers, military command, design, technology, innovation, community service, finance, volunteering  and work/ life balance. We now have choices that did not exist 40 years ago.

I still chuckle to myself when I consider that I never believed I would need to understand computers. Now, I’m lost without  my iPad, 2 cell phones, 2 laptops, Sirius radio, Netflix, DirecTv, digital music, and LTE to allow me to telecommute. This from someone raised in a home with one black rotary dial phone where ‘long distance’ was a rare treat.

To get myself back into blogging, I think I’ll muse a bit about the changes and events that have transpired over the last 60 years. Perhaps some will consider that in Life’s overall scheme of things, life is pretty darned fabulous for those of us fortunate enough to live in the USA....despite some political differences.❤️

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