Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Exploring Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine

Despite the fact that I lived in Asia for 5 years, it wasn’t until I was binge watching Outlander on Starz over the Thanksgiving holiday that I seriously considered acupuncture for alleviating my stress, elevated blood pressure, and insomnia. A Chinese seaman used acupuncture for Jamie Fraser’s sea-sickness on a voyage from Scotland to America. It truly was a ‘eureka moment for me.

After decades of stability, my blood pressure spiked and my stress levels increased exponentially- most likely attributable to the 4th or 5th corporate reorganization since my company wS acquired in early 2016. I’d tried all the usual things- yoga, Pilates, meditation, diffusing essential oils, a Buddha fountain in my office, repeating the 12 Al Anon Steps & Serenity Prayer repeatedly while trying to fall asleep, and doses of CBD & melatonin. Still, my. p spiked within minutes of logging on to my laptop. The icky tasting beet root powder helped; but trying to envision 35+ years of drinking that unfortunate concoction daily prompted me to act.

Within. Week I was trudging through the rain after parking illegally to my initial appointment with a local acupuncture practitioner. I was impressed by the time she took to outline my medical history back to my teen years. She spent more time getting to know me than my MD internist of 14 years had  over the 14 years I’d been a patient. The practitioner developed a plan, explained the suggested course of treatment, length of treatment, and supplemental diet & nutrition  recommends that should alleviate my symptoms over a period of 90 days.

The initial treatment immediately relaxed me. I nearly fell asleep while lying on the table with the needles strategically inserted in my spine. I felt zero pain. My over active mind rested. I could feel the tension evaporate.

I decided to follow the recommended course of treatment, including the recommended mineral supplements that are not sold by the practitioner. There was no sense of pressure, no feeling of coercion or immediacy- just a feeling that looking at well being from a holistic perspective gives one a sense of empowerment. Perhaps seeking this holistic intervention now will result in my being able to avoid toxic treatments in the future.

I embrace the advancements of modern western medicine, but sometimes alternative treatments should be considered in addition to traditional treatments. I look forward to my second appointment next week.


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