Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Covid-19 ~ What I Don’t Miss

As I was enjoying my second walk surrounded by woods today, my thoughts first turned to the beauty of our rocky ridge and the comforting songs of the birds, insects and rustle of leaves in the slight breeze. But then I began to appreciate what I didn’t hear: vehicles, people talking, dogs barking, the ambient noise that we’ve become accustomed to hearing in the backgrounds of our modern lives. That caused me to reflect on all that I do not miss during our enforced stay-at-home experience.
I do not miss chain restaurants. Not once during our quarantine have either of us suggested ordering carry-out from TGI Friday, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, The Outback or any other ubiquitous dining establishment. On the rare occasions we did order dinner, we supported a local business. I do not miss crowds, traffic jams, shopping malls, movie theaters, public transportation, misbehaving children in public, traveling for business, sports on television, going to the yoga studio. 

Although my Libertarian beliefs disdain the heavy-handed stay at home orders that I do not believe are Constitutional, have crippled the economy and caused millions to lose jobs,  perhaps  the enforced isolation will cause some of us to appreciate a simpler existence with a renewed focus on gratitude, family, cooking at home, shorter commutes, quality over quantity, and celebration for the beauty around us. 

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