Sunday, July 26, 2020

What’s In A Name? The Washington Football Team

Although I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for 26 years, I’ve never developed an affection for the Washington Football Team, FKA the Washington Redskins. I’ve attended a few games at RFK Stadium and FedEx Field when gifted with FREE tickets; but I’ve never actually paid to see a game.  I will say that games at RFK we’re a lot more energetic and fun. Just getting to FedEx Field was enough of challenge that I actually declined FREE tickets in multiple occasions. 

It isn’t that I dislike professional football, although I prefer live games to watching on TV. I actually held season tickets for the Indianapolis Colts for several years before they had a successful season. Other than Darrell Green, who played years for Washington, the era of free agency destroyed any sense of team consistency and cohesiveness.

Based upon my history of apathy interspersed with active dislike, I really have no “ skin in the game” so to speak regarding the team name. Frankly, the entire decades long brouhaha is a bit mystifying. Somebody can find a way to make any name offensive. The team name and mascot was intended to honor the fierceness of Native American warriors and foster a winning spirit. 

But times have changed. The woke culture finds offense in the Betsy Ross Flag, Mount Rushmore, the Constitution, freedom of speech, and anybody who doesn’t vote for a democrat. 

With these thoughts in mind I’ve come up with several ideas 💡 for names to succeed the Redskins for the Washington Football 🏈 Team which more accurately represent the raison d’etre of our Nations Capital, which is alleged governance:
* The Legislators 
* The Witch-hunt 
* The Back Stabbers
* The Politicians / the mascot - a large rat
* The Swamp
* The Weasels
* The Do Nothings
* The Hypocrites 
* The Pork Barrels
* The Charlatans
* The Mighty Obstructionists
* The Sanctimonious 
* The Self- Righteous 
* The Partisans
* The Lobbyist / the mascot- a bag full of money 💰 

Well, at least I had a bit of self-amusement with this🤣

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