Tuesday, May 31, 2022

What to write about to avoid family angst?

 I’ve been writing this blog since 2013. During the first few years I focused on issues that spoke to me. Then, I started  to question the wisdom of being completely honest about my views while I’m employed by a multi national corporation. A part of me has felt repressed because of my employment situation. Further, I’ve been hesitant to express myself because of concern my bold approach to writing could reflect negatively on a family member that has diametrically opposed views.

At this juncture, I’m prepared to set the record straight. I may change names or omit them to protect the not-so- innocent. If a family member feels tossed under a bus, there must a reason. There are reasons from my humble perspective.  Our parents gave us every opportunity to succeed and paid for our undergraduate education. If one does not appreciate that, or chooses to espouse positions that are anathema to my understanding, I will call them on it.

What I will not do, is toss my parental units under a bus, tractor trailer or train. My mom & dad always said they would support usb in achieving an undergraduate degree. They overcompensated in supporting my niece and nephew who have no gratitude or appreciation for the support of their grandparents. They have not expressed any interest in their maternal grandparents. As such, they deserve nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Not even a scintilla of consideration. I am appalled at the failure to show even one iota of gratitude. 

So, our estates will go to charitable organizations, including my parents’ scholarship fund. Our cats have shown more appreciation than certain relatives. 😱

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