Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Listening to Rain


This has been a rainy day. When I headed out mid afternoon for a long overdue massage to release back pain, it was necessary to embrace a torrential downpour to run from my car to the spa. Instead of resenting the rain and my resultant drenched self, I decided to embrace the downpour and laugh. The rain didn’t cause injury, just a bit of wet clothes and hair, all of which dried while I indulged in the pleasure of a healing massage in the middle of a workday afternoon. For me, that is essential therapy, an exercise that is necessary for me to stay healthy, pain free and able to endure yet another reorganization of my workgroup. There have been so many in the last 7 years and 6 weeks that I’ve no ability to quantify. 

Because I’d embraced self care during the workday, of course I logged back on to my VPN when I arrived home followed by my 2 miles on the treadmill, an exercise that helps me shed the stress of the day and leaves me calories to guzzle a bit of fermented grape…today a bit of Greenhill Blanc de Blanc…why not I bit of bubbly in the middle of theveeek! 😎

After my cooldown I retreated to the screened in porch porch with our two indoor spoiled cats, Mindy and Anya, to listen to the rain. What a glorious sound! There are few sounds as peaceful as the drops of rain combined with the smell of the freshness that a hard rain brings. It is smooth peaceful, to sit in the dark with a flute of bubbly and purring cats…it elevates all of my senses. I know I will enjoy peaceful sleep tonight.

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