Wednesday, January 3, 2024

An Inspiring Affirmation of Faith in a 2024 Secular World

A friend and work colleague lost his beloved wife Kimberly to illness on New Year’s Eve. I did not know her, but I was aware she was a woman of great spirituality and faith. 

If the link to her website had not been included in her obituary, I would have kept this private and resisted sharing it publicly. I’ve read several of her blog posts in the past 24 hours and shared her final two messages privately with friends I believe would find comfort in her words.

Kimberly Moore received news that her illness was terminal a few months ago. Knowing that, as I read her inspirational messages, I was overcome by the clarity of her belief in God and her amazing spirit as she faced her mortality. I believe that she was an earth angel, sent to share her vitality, strength, resilience, and faith through her blog,  books, motivational talks and finding beauty in repurposing vintage costume jewelry. 

I hope you feel inspired by Kingdom Sparks as I have been. And please share the link with anyone who needs a spark of hope. Let Ms. Moore continue to shine her light.

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