Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inconsistencies of the religious right

One of the factors that baffles me about the vocal and militant right to lifers is the fact theagenda stops at the point where the militants insiste that a woman who choses not to give birth should be precluded from exercising her choice. There seems to be no consideration for the fuit of the womb they want to protect. From my humble perspective it is far less cruel to end a pregnancy that to bring an unwanted child into the world – an unwanted living being that brethes tha air we breath and appreciates abandonment.

While I come from a family of conservatives who disagree with my beliefs in this regard, it is a position to which I am committed. The federal government has no business legislating my reproductive decisions. The religious right has not business advocating the legislation of morality or what should be a personal decision. If the federal government and right to lifers want to insist that a woman who conceives gives birth, both the institution and the advocates should put their money and efforts towards adopting, financially supporting, educating, raising, nurturing, feeing, clothing, and loving the results of the advocacy. I do not see the advocates for limiting reproductive rights organizing to protect the actual unwanted children that are already born. It seems the advocacy stops at prayer circules and demonstrations in front of health care providers that perform family panning services.

So, you've kept a woman from terminating a pregnancy. You do not know her story. It matters. Few make the decision lightly. You do not chastise the sperm donor. Instead, you espouse that the decision to terminate causes long term psychological trauma. This, for the most part, is bunk and propaganda. It is self serving for the agenda of the militants who forget the Founding Fathers of this great nation wanted the federal government to stay out of the personal decisions of its citizens.

When I see candlelight vigils, marches on Washington, collections and churches, and petitions to support the abused, neglected and ignored children that are already among us, perhaps I will be compelled to understand the mindset of the right wing harpies. Frankly, my cats are more loved and cared for than many of the children that are a part of our American life. And I don't mean a giving tree at Christmas time. If you believe in the sanctity of life to such an extent that you will force a woman to have an unwanted child, you should be prepared to pay to raise that child. And I don't mean as a ward of the state or the federal government. That increases my taxes. If you want to force a woman to have a child you should pay for it.  

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