Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I consider myself Libertarian. I believe in individual liberty and limited government. Neither of the major political parties in the USA of today have any concept of individual liberty and limited government  - no matter what propaganda they espouse. The Democrats believe in the Robin Hood principal - take from the rich and give to the poor, encouraging dependence on the backs of those who believe in a work ethic. Let me tell you, my great Aunt Mary was blind from the age of 18; but she did not decide to label herself a handicap person deserving of a "safety net". Instead, she raised my father and his siblings after their mother died on a farm with no indoor plumbing, fed farm workers, learned to tat lace, crochet, embroider hand towels, sold her hand work to send relative to college, liberated herself at 50 and lived alone, independently for the next 35 years. Really, promoting victimhood should NOT be the American Way. Alternatively, the Republicans believe in big business, an inflated military, forging wars on foreign soils,  legislating morality,  and catering the to the extreme religious right. Neither party appreciates any concepts of the founders of our Republic.

Please repeat after me: The United States of America is a Republic. It is not a democracy. It is the best form of government I've encountered to date; however, its execution is flawed because of the pandering to special interest groups, the fact that members of Congress make a career of running for reelection, members with actual reasonable views on issues cave to the pressures or "party", and lobbyists on both sides pay for the legislation they want. They have all become corrupt.

Libertarians want the federal government out of their wallets, their bedrooms, their doctor's offices, their backyards, their school curriculums, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera......the federal government- according to the Constitution - a sacred text - was given limited powers. What was not specifically allocated to the federal government was left to the states. Unfortunately, the states have abrogated responsibility to their citizens by becoming reliant on the federal handout.

Neither of the current canonized candidates for president represent Americans as they truly are. They represent the fringe of both parties. Unfortunately, the checks and balances of the 3 branches of government  (as devised by our far more educated than any individual in todays world) have not kept  the  self appointed crowned heads from completely hijacking  the government. We are far better off when they  achieve absolutely nothing.  While an elected president rarely has any absolute authority, members of Congress  who do not apply the laws they pass to themselves, can and have created havoc with our lives. (I will save my rants on the judiciary for a later post. ) And perhaps I was a bit wrong regarding the president. He or she is a figurehead that serves as the image or face of the USA. I must admit, while I was traveling through Europe during the Carter administration, I allowed people to believe I was Canadian. I didn't tell anybody I was from Canada - but if somebody guessed that was my country of origin, I did not disabuse them of the belief. Alternatively, during the Reagan administration, the time of morning in America, it was easy to be proud to be American.

For the past several election cycles and presidents, I cannot say the same. My feeling have not been dependent upon which party held the highest office. From George Bush I though Obama, the representatives of our government have been an embarrassment. But, I understand this is not new time in history. Only George Washington has, essentially, an unblemished  reputation as a leader.

But, I hope for day when the reason of a Ron Paul or any  other candidate that seeks to represent the citizen in the middle who believes in the core values of the original framers of our constitution has a chance to be elected. At this point in my life, at election time it has  ultimately come down to the lesser or two weevils. This time, however, it will be tough. Neither candidate has even an iota of appeal to one who truly appreciates the Constitution.

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