Monday, September 30, 2013

Prepared for Battle – the Annual Stink Bug Invasion

Prepared for Battle – the Annual Stink Bug Invasion

Few things cause me more angst than the annual invasion of the insidious pest known as the brown marmorated stinkbug. Initially, with the first influx of sink bugs, the invasion seemed just mildly annoying, a few ugly, foul smelling, shield shaped bugs that dived bombed humans but didn’t bite. They hung out on the siding of the back porch, munched on a few green tomatoes, and caused the cats some mild indigestion.

But they seemed to multiply like tribbles from the original Star Trek series. Unfortunately, unlike tribbles they are not cute, cuddly or appealing in any way.
And there is no easy way to eradicate them. Scientists have not developed an insecticide that murders them en masse. Nope, the only option I’ve found it filling the reservoir of the shop vac with some Dawn infused water and suck the evil critters up and drown them. And, I’ve been assured, if they don’t drown the Dawn will cause them to have fatal insect diarrhea.  I’m ok with that.

So, like the manic enemy of the stinkbug that I’ve become, I spent hours this evening sucking hundreds of the enemy combatants into the Oreck shop vac, one offensive being at a time. I admit that as a yogini I do try to love all sentient beings. But I am not convinced that stink bugs fall into the category of a sentient being. And even if they do, I am making an exception. Their presence eliminates my sense of well being and ability to connect with nature during this glorious time of year when experiencing the beauty of an autumn afternoon can afford me the joy of nature that I want to keep within to recall during the blighted days of winter.  So, my serenity takes precedence over this non-native invasive species that harms my psyche.  I will continue to murder these invaders with impunity. And I will celebrate what will ultimately be triumph. Yes!

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