Saturday, March 1, 2014

It All Started With Replacing A Mirror!

It All Started With Replacing A Mirror!

My husband and I have now lived in our house for more than 8 years, which is approaching my personal record for living not just in the same home but the same general geographical location.  Features that we once loved have become faded, passé’, tired, worn, dingy, and undesirable.  However, we’ve yet to buy the winning Powerball or Mega Millions ticket; so an implosion and complete redo is out of the question.

Last Sunday I was planting spinach and harvesting rocks in the yard when Todd called out that he was going to Lowes. I said I wanted to tag along because all of a sudden it became imperative that we replace the ugly, unframed mirror in our ground floor powder room. Naively, we thought that would involve purchasing a new mirror, removing the old mirror, and hanging the new, prettier mirror on the wall. Sigh! What were we thinking!

About 4:00pm Todd removed the old mirror and discovered that the painters hired by our builder took the lazy way out. Yep – they painted around the mirror and other fixtures. So, I headed back to Lowes with my paint chips and bought 2 quarts of paint to repaint the entire bathroom, Spackle, and new polished bronze fixtures because Todd decided the polished nickel wouldn’t look “right” with the new mirror.  By Sunday night the project had morphed into a frantic search for a vanity that would accommodate a vessel sink because we’d always disliked the exposed plumbing and lack of storage associated with the original pedestal sink.

This afternoon we headed out to look for a shelf and returned with a new vanity replete with vessel since and new hardware to coordinate. I’ve cleaned the dust and debris at least twice. But removing the old sink damaged the drywall and required additional patches. We’ve yet to apply a coat of paint.

So replacing a mirror has turned into a partial bathroom renovation that has caused us to consider the other projects that we need to create our little slice of heaven in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Looks like we should buy more lottery tickets!

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