Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Coupons Luring Me to Shop

Birthday Coupons Luring Me to Shop

Marketers really know how to lure me to a shop or website – coupon codes. I succumb to coupon codes and buy stuff I don’t need because I love a deal. Free shipping is not enough – although I’ve been known to cancel an order in the final stages of checking out if I’ve been unable to find a free shipping code. I want free shipping and a discount code.

For the past month I’ve been receiving an abundance of emails and postcards enclosing birthday discounts of $5.00 to $10.00 to $25.00 to 20% off of everything including cosmetics to help me celebrate my 55th birthday.  And just like Pavlov’s pooch, I react accordingly. It’s not that I wouldn’t be shopping anyway since it is an activity that I thoroughly enjoy. When I run out of Candy Crush lives, rather than paying 99 cents for additional lives, I switch over to Talbots or Soma or Chico’s or Garnet Hill or Sephora or Wild Birds Unlimited or Levenger or Nordstrom or and peruse the latest offerings. As you can see, there is no one product upon which I focus. I am catholic in my approach to shopping.

Since time is running out on the birthday coupons, which for the most part have expiration dates the end of July, I’ve been a busy bee for the past week. Today, I decided to take advantage of my 20% off everything (with limited exceptions such as Brighton) at Belk – a department store that does not cause goose bumps to pop up on my arms – by visiting the Estee Lauder counter to check out a foundation that interested me. The consultant color matched me and I found the perfect for now foundation for my maturing skin that causes me to glow and disguises those pesky little lines – Invisible Fluid Makeup in Pure Beige/ 2CN1 – interestingly the same color that I’d tested and liked on my own. But even better I discovered the new Sculpting Foundation Brush. Normally I might balk at spending $45 for a makeup brush – but this one is fabulous and I had my 20% off coupon! But for the coupon I more than likely would have waited until fall for my foray into cosmetics experimentation, which I generally limit to spring and fall.

So, the gurus that came up with the idea of birthday coupons deserve big raises. They work – at least on me.

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