Friday, August 8, 2014

Why Can’t I Pick My DirecTV Stations Al A Carte?

Why Can’t I Pick My DirecTV Stations Al A Carte?

Cable and Satellite subscriptions are expensive; and we, the viewing public, are forced to purchase packages that include hundreds of stations that we do not watch and will likely never watch. With the advances in technology customers should be able to select and pay for only those channels that we want. If we can pick pay channels, why can’t we pick all of the channels we want to watch?

If I can select the stations that I am willing to pay for, it will certainly not include hundreds of stations that show nothing that appeals. In fact, there are days that I can find absolutely nothing worth my time – even on pay per view.

If I ever have the option, these are the only channels that I will choose:

·      CNN
·      HBO
·      Showtime
·      Starz
·      AMC
·      USA
·      HLN
·      PBS
·      ABC  ( for Jeopardy)
·      Sundance
·      TNT
·      HGTV
·      DIY
·      Food
·      FX
·      TCM
·      BBCA
·      HIST
·      IFC
·      CBS
·      NBC

·      Fox
·      MSNBC
·      Comedy
·      The Weather Channel

That is 25 stations – not 535.  That should reduce my cable bill by 70%. I resent being forced to subscribe to channels that I do not watch. Actually, we do not watch any of these 25 stations on any regular basis.  The whole system is skewed to support broadcasters that do not have a regular following. But, too bad! The system should be based upon sustainability – not forced subscription.

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