Friday, September 12, 2014

Absolute Luxury – 100% Linen Sheets

I turned 55 several weeks ago and decided at that milestone that I would not deny myself the little luxuries that make life delicious. I have no children – only cats. While I do have some grandchildren they are not nearby. Hopefully, in a few years, they will have the benefit of allowing us to indulge them. But for now, I’m all about self-indulgence and allowing myself to enjoy the fruits of my labors over the past 30 + years of working in the corporate world. ( and that does include the 5 years that I spent having to pose as the perfect corporate wife in Asia eating unsavory concoctions of “delicacies” that would not have otherwise passed my lips. Believe me, munching on a sea slug is no doubt akin to chewing on a Michelin tire!

My husband is enamored with high count Egyptian cotton bedding. While it is soft, it does not breathe quite well enough to enable my post -menopausal self to enjoy a complete night’s sleep. My inner temperature gauge alternates between sub-zero and the fires of hell. Really, night sweats only serve to make cotton – no matter how fancy – wet. I’m tired of trudging to the bathroom to find a nice fluffy bath-sheet to lie on once I’ve experienced my nightly “personal equatorial summer”.

After a bit of research I discovered that multitude of women rave about the resiliency of linen sheets. They breathe, dry quickly and naturally wick moisture. Not only that, they are pretty darn luxurious. Yes, I know they are ridiculously expensive. But, at 55 I deserve the luxury. So, I’ll go on the wagon and avoid all purveyors of pretty footwear for a couple of months.

My new sheets from arrived today.
They are eco-friendly, made in the USA, wash and wear and are shipped ready to put on the bed.  The company has received rave reviews. The sheets come in 19 colors and it is possible to have them custom made.

I’m excited. If linen sheets were good enough for Queen Victoria, they are no doubt perfect for me. And linen is far more durable than cotton. Today’s cotton sheets do not stand up to laundering well. But linen will get better with age and use. There is a reason that one does not find antique cotton pillowcases. But linen stands the test of time.  I am ready to embrace this little bit of heaven and wallow in comfortable luxury!


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