Saturday, September 6, 2014

Letting Go Of Frustration & Channeling Robert Burns

I had a frustrating week with my work.  I have the type of job where I can never be “caught up”.  At least twice per week I repeat to myself the Anglicized version of my favorite quote from Robert Burns  “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” from the poem “To A Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough”.
No matter my game plan for the day, something intervenes to throw me off course. While I’m accustomed to this and actually expect it, there are some factors that increase my level of frustration or angst. It generally involves toxic individuals who know how to push just the right buttons to cause me to question my value. No matter how talented, confident or accomplished I may feel, I occasionally succumb to the negativity of those with a higher pay-grade who denigrate me and others in order to feel better about themselves. 
For the most part I let the pettiness and misogyny go because I have no control over the actions or attitudes of other people, place and things. But yesterday, I had to work on my attitude to let go of the annoyance. I knew that a particular individual was trying to manipulate me with backhanded, insincere support. I came close to falling into the trap.
Fortunately, my husband helped me recalibrate and reminded me that some people only feel powerful when they denigrate others. So, I compromised. I made calls that I had not planned to make and could have waited until Monday without any adverse consequences.  I embraced the spirit of Burns, smiled to myself and accepted that my game plan was going to be pushed aside. Then I let go of the resentments I felt towards my nemesis, reminded myself that I could only do one thing at a time and whatever will be will be, and decided to have a weekend filled with peace and serenity. By the time I met my husband for dinner, the frustration was gone and I was reflecting fondly on the legacy of the Scottish bard.

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