Sunday, November 16, 2014

Getting Fit At Any Age Is Possible – We Did It!

My Husband & I jut completed our first 90 days of the original Power 90 workout with Tony Horton by Beachbody. This is a 12+-year-old program that preceded the P90X, P90X2 and similar hardcore boot camps. It wasn’t easy. Although I have practiced yoga for the last 12 years, I prefer classes right after work that aren’t heated, include few inversions and basically follow either Yoga Fit or Yin programs. Since the ideal classes are usually later after I’m safely ensconced at home with a glass of wine, I wasn’t getting the cardio and strength training I needed to stay fit.

My husband had started the Power 90 program before I met him; but he happily conceded that once he caught me and no longer needed his plumage, he let fitness take a backseat to other more interesting activities. It was not until we were channeling the 2nd President Bush – clearing brush on our wooded lot – and feeling uncharacteristically winded, that we both realized that to ensure we reached our goal of 50 years of marriage, which will require living to age 96 for me, we needed to made some changes.

I’ve never been motivated to work out at home. Participating in a class with others had been key to prior workout success. But we live in the country and a daily trip to a fitness center was not an option. And, we didn’t want to spend hours working out. So Todd ordered the original Power 90 on eBay and we decided to commit to the entire 90-day program, which consisted of 30 to 45 minutes workouts 6 days be week alternating cardio and sculpting.

The first three weeks were discouraging. We started at Level 1-2. We completed the 90 days still at Level 1-2. But our level of fitness improved with each week. And today we both feel great!

We both travel for business; but we knew that we couldn’t slack off.  So we made the decision to workout together via Face-Time on our iPads when one or both of us was on travel.  It wasn’t always easy. On a couple of occasions, we found ourselves without the DVD and used memory and a synopsis of the workout we found online. Working out together was key. We motivated one another.  We noticed the changes in our bodies and the changes in each other.

While we didn’t follow the nutrition program that was recommended, we were diligent about completing the workouts.  Seriously, to follow the food guide, we would have to do without wine and bacon. That was not a consideration.

But this is what happened: We both built muscle strength; we lost inches; we developed abs; our skin glows; we feel better; we look better; we have more energy; we learned we could do this at 54 and 55.

During the first 90 days I did not lose many pounds. But I gained muscle. My clothes fit better.  Notice I said the “first 90 days”.  We have now ordered the new P90 workout. Until it arrives, we will continue with the Power 90 workouts.

Yes, Tony Horton’s corny humor can be annoying. The music can be grating. But, Tony Horton’s workout are accessible for anybody looking to get fit. He provides accommodations for those getting started. He kept us engaged and optimistic. 

Ultimately, it is important to accept that cross training is key. Lifting weighs only or performing cardio only will not do the job. It is important to do both. And I’m a firm believer that portion control with food is key. Moderation in all things.

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