Friday, December 12, 2014

Finding Delight On A Cold, Blustery Workday~

So, it is Friday and I’ve had a long week at work. During a telephone conversation this morning, I mentioned how relieved I felt that I’d made it through another week when I was reminded that it is important not to wish too fervently for the passage of time.

Wow! I needed that reminder. Every moment is to be celebrated, savored and embraced for what it is.  Through Al-Anon, my yoga practice and my spiritual development I’ve come to understand that consciously experiencing the moment is critical to living an abundant life.

Despite my frustration over some things over which I had no control, I decided to diffuse my “Calming” essential oil and breathe in the aroma of the intoxicatingly delightful scent. I listened to the wind blowing outside my window and felt the power of the Universe, heated water and brewed a delicious cup of Fox Trot herbal tea from Adagio, currently my “go to” purveyor of fine loose teas. I gathered my curmudgeonly 3-legged orange cat Carlos into my lap so I could listen to his purrs alternating with grrrs while I wrote coverage letters at my desk. It was calming.

Then I recalled with a smile the delight of finishing 16 weeks of morning workouts with my husband and how the shared commitment to getting healthy has brought us joy and laughter.

This evening, while I was finishing up some work, Todd cleared out our battered trailer and converted it into a mobile dark room. He was so proud of his handy work and couldn’t wait to show it to me. That brought me delight. And I’ve no doubt we will love using it to make images while celebrating a friend’s birthday this weekend.

In the midst of a cold and blustery day, I found delight and feel blessed. And now I think I’ll indulge in a quick game of Plants vs. Zombies!

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