Wednesday, December 10, 2014

For Personal Growth It Is Necessary To Try Something New & Different

This evening during my yoga class we discussed the necessity of looking at life from different perspectives, challenging ourselves, aspiring, trying something and failing, risking success, and pushing our boundaries. This is a topic that resonates with me because it is one of the critical lessons I learned during my years in Al-Anon.

One of the most valuable insights I gained was the 12 – Step Program definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Since I strived to overcome my special brand of insanity, I decided – against my very nature – to do what does not come naturally. I made the conscious decision to try something different whenever the opportunity arose. And I found that I had that opportunity numerous times everyday. With my new found openness to changing my patterns, old habits, and natural inclinations, I discovered a new world, met my husband, got married in Italy, sold my house and moved to a different state, relocated my job and embraced the new hobbies of landscaping, historic photographic processes, Civil War living history, writing a Blog, sewing 19th Century reproduction clothing, baking bread from scratch, writing book reviews, and morphing into a redhead.

So I encourage each of you to move outside of your comfort zone and try something beyond your comfort zone.


·      Try a new hair stylist or hair color or style;
·      Park in a different parking space;
·      Order a different dessert; instead of chocolate cake, try blueberry Pavlova;
·      If you always buy the blue top, try red or yellow or green;
·      Park your yoga mat in a different spot in the studio;
·      If you always wear a beige bra, try a pink one;
·      If you always drink Malbec, try Zinfandel (red not white (yuck);
·      Eat kale instead of Romaine lettuce;
·      If you always wear Chanel No. 5, try a new scent;
·      Take a different route to your destination; the road less traveled often offers amazing surprises;
·      Try a different lip color or brand;
·      Go to a new restaurant, a new vacation spot, a new winery or grocery store;

Change is almost always good. I may have learned it at the age of 45, but I learned the value of change. I’ve embraced it. My life is fuller because of trying new things. 

My yoga friends and I are formulating our bucket list. We have one year to decide on a tattoo. It must be subtle. And discreetly placed, but what the hell!

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