Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Conversion to Face Oil ~ It Works!

During my formative years I suffered from an abundance of oil in my skin and hair. From an early age, probably 9 or 10, I developed acne, which resulted in self -consciousness, insecurity and angst. Fortunately, my parents appreciated my embarrassment and took me to a neighboring town to see a dermatologist. This was a luxury and I am still grateful to this day for their sacrifice.

I never would have imagined that decades later I would celebrate the opportunity to infuse my skin with oil.  I knew that at a certain age I would need moisturizers, but oil? Really? Oil was verboten! Oil caused problems, acne, blackheads, cysts, and other bad things.

After menopause I realized that regular moisturizers were not infusing my skin with the nutrients I needed to keep that youthful glow. And make no mistake - I am vain. I want to retain whatever semblance of youthfulness that I can without succumbing to plastic surgery. I do not want to look plastic, stretched, unnatural, frozen or the victim of a charlatan. I want o embrace my morphing beyond youth with as much honesty as I can without sacrificing all.

So I conducted some research and discovered the benefits of facial oils. True, some of these oils such as Argon Oil can be found much more reasonably by visiting site that sell essential oils rather than those that sell cosmetics. But I’ve limited my experimentation to purveyors of cosmetics.  I feel somewhat more comfortable knowing that a government bureau has vetted the product’s ingredients.

I took the plunge and order facial oil. My first product was the Origins Plantscription™ Youth-Renewing Face Oil. I liked it. And I started to notice a difference in my complexion. But it wasn’t until I started using the Julep Argon Oil that I noticed the change. My face looked dewy, younger, glowing and clear. And I discovered that I no longer needed an additional moisturizer and primer. The oil prepped my face for foundation and makeup.

I am sold. Looking in the mirror now I see a glow I didn’t expect. While some critics that review skin care products question the efficacy of face oils, I can state unequivocally that they have changes my life. I am a convert. Give it a try. Really, what could it hurt?

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