Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween For Adults~ A Murder Mystery Party

My spousal unit and I stepped out of our comfort zone to participate in a murder mystery party for Halloween. We are no strangers to dressing in costume as Civil War living historians and I’ve always loved donning costume for any occasion, but this was different.

We were invited to portray characters in Murder at the Maverick Saloon. Each participant was provided with a name and outline of our character’s story. One person was the murderer.  When we arrived we were given additional background and tried to stay in character. After the untimely death of Ed Malone at the speakeasy, an investigation into the death proceeded.

Flappers, gangsters, politicians, female aviators, fashion designers, torch singers, down & out detectives, suffragettes and saucy woman club owner gathered to dance, smoke, and sip “bees knees’ cocktails!

Everybody was high spirited, good natured, enthusiastic and had great fun staying in character. What a delightful way to celebrate Halloween, life and friendship.

I had the pleasure of campaigning for women’s suffrage. Todd portrayed a bit of a shady character that relished facilitating things for the deceased.  Neither of us committed the heinous crime. But we had a grand time indulging in fantasy for a few hours.  Thanks to Chris, Gina& Jessica!

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