Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Ridiculous Brouhaha by the Left Over Voter ID Laws ~

Vote early; Vote often; touted the Tammany Hall politicos! Election fraud is not a new concept. And the laws that several states have enacted that require a photo identification card are not unreasonable and should no more disenfranchise a citizen of this country than a lack of public transportation.

Why would these requirements keep legitimate voters from the polls? These are the everyday activities in which I engage that require a photo ID:

1)   Purchase wine, beer or alcohol in a liquor store, grocery store, restaurant, bar, or gas station;
2)   Purchase cigarettes;
3)   Drive a car;
4)   Rent a car;
5)   Write a check;

6)   Open a bank account;
7)   Buy a firearm;
8)   Apply for a credit card;
9)   Confirm eligibility for employment (I needed 2 forms of official ID);
10)                   Go through TSA at the airport;
11)                  Board an airplane;
12)                  Board an Amtrak train;
13)                   Adopt a cat or dog from the Humane Society;
14)                   Rent an apartment;
15)                   Check into a hotel;
16)                  Enter some court houses;
17)                  Apply for a mortgage;
18)                  Applying for my insurance licenses in various states;
19)                   Enter buildings with security;
20)                   Access a military base;

21)                   Access my office;
22)                  Public library to obtain a library card;
23)                   To purchase certain chemicals;
24)                   To pick up an unaccompanied minor at the airport;
25)                   Visit the White House!
26)                  Visiting EPA Headquarters;

These are just a few of the daily activities that require one or more forms of identification. When I lived overseas I was advised to have my passport with me always for identification.  Why is it considered an assault on the rights of minorities to require the same identification that is required to buy wine or cigarettes or to adopt a cat?  It shouldn’t be. Instead it is pandering and inflammatory for no legitimate reason. 

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