Monday, October 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy & Betrayal of Women

It continues to mystify me how so many intelligent, modern, educated, thoughtful women continue to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. Are the collective memories of American women so short that they forget her aiding and abetting or at least participating in the cover-up, concealment or blame game to deflect the numerous instances of Bill Clinton's sexual harassment, sexual assaults, sexual peccadilloes, serial adultery, and abuse of power while governor of Arkansas and President? By standing along side Bill Clinton on 60 Minutes to show her continued support of a man who used his power to subjugate, coerce, enthrall, entice or manipulate less sophisticated women to fulfill his sexual desires or inflated ego Hillary Clinton betrayed modern women. Is there no recollection of the quip Ms. Clinton made following her public support of Mr. Clinton during the Gennifer Flowers scandal that despite her actions reflecting that she was overlooking Bill's indiscretions she "wasn't some little woman 'standing by my man' like Tammy Wynette."

Candidate Hillary Clinton blamed Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Sally Perdue, & Dolly Browning for the indiscretions. Really? When a powerful man attempts to seduce a women Hillary blames the woman? Taking this position repeatedly reveals Hillary Clinton for the inexcusable hypocrite that she is. She claims to have devoted her adult life to public service supporting disadvantaged women and children. Instead she had devoted her public life to increasing the influence, financial position and faux public perceptions of Bill & Hillary Clinton and in doing so betrayed the psychologically, emotionally, and physically abused women she claims to have helped.

If Ms. Clinton had stated clearly, unabashedly, and publicly that she was aware of her husband's infidelity and just didn't care because they had a marriage of convenience such as that between Claire and Frank Underwood on House of Cards, I would appreciate the candor and agree that the consensual relationships are not my business. 

Frankly, I had enough of the Clinton family during the two scandal ridden terms of Bill Clinton. Lest we forget the Rose Law Firm billing documents found in a White House closet, Whitewater, the use of Arkansas state troopers to facilitate assignations during the years in the governor's mansion, the allegations of temper tantrums & flying ashtrays, and continued support of Bill when he equivocated on the definition of "is". 

The deleted emails and the belief that it is quite appropriate to hold diametrically opposed views on certain issues in public and private are just the latest. But these are political issues. My concern is that at heart Hillary Clinton is a throw-back to an era that a modern woman wants to forget, a time when women subjugated themselves to support a man, when it was okay to cast aspersions against or betray  another women to convince oneself that they weren't betrayed. For me this is a deal breaker. And really, would she be where she is today had it not been for her making the 1950's decision to "stand by your man'? I think not! At least Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice made it on their own.

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