Sunday, October 2, 2016

Philosophy ~ When Hope In A Jar No Longer Suffices There is Miracle Worker

I love Philosophy make up and skin care products because they are made in America and they work. While I haven't always loved the product names I do love the products and am thrilled to be able to find them readily at Ulta and Sephora. There is something disconcerting about transitioning from Hope in a Jar, to Renewed Hope in a Jar to Miracle Worker. One must contemplate if one must have lost all hope to resort to belief miracles. Fortunately, I've been a life long believer in miracles although I've not here-to-for expected to find it in a jar or glass bottle with a pump.

My most recent experiment with Philosophy products involves the Miracle Worker line. During Ulta's September daily beauty deals I found myself intrigued by Miracle Worker SPF 30 Anti Aging Foundation. It was 25% off and I'm still on the prowl for the holy grail of foundations. While I am moderately content with the results using Bobbi Brown, Nars, or Estee' Lauder, the reviews of the Miracle Worker enticed me to give it a go. Imagine my surprise when the first two times I wore this foundation I received compliments about how wonderful I looked! So I am sold!

Just as advertised Miracle Worker does not accentuate fine lines and burgeoning wrinkles. Shades #3 and #4 both worked for me and disappeared into my skin. This foundation is moisturizing and works best without a separate moisturizer or primer. For me it lasted all day. 

I did receive a full size sample of  Renewed Hope In a Jar through and have gleefully substituted my Hope in a Jar with Renewed Hope in a Jar. I've also been a long time afficianado of Purity Made Simple, Philosophy's one step facial cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and use this with my Clarisonic every night. It works as a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner all in one. 

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