Thursday, September 29, 2016

With the Weather Changing I'm Obsessing About Boots

Resistance is futile! No matter my desire to live in an endless summer, the rains have come, the temperatures are dropping and we've moved to the dark side of the Autumnal Equinox. Winter is coming! 

Bos & Co Holden Wool-Lined Waterproof Boots

I can no more control the change in seasons that I can influence the orbit of the earth, change the flow of the ocean tides, or wave a magic wand and replace both horrendous presidential candidates with honest politicians that have the welfare of the American people at their cores. 

As the hot, humid, care-free, make-up free days of summer where the feel of whisper light linen caressing my skin pass into shorter, cooler, darker days and earlier nights I am drawn to seeking out the perfect boots, close toed shoes, burnished leather handbags, and moisturizing make-up. I've been craving fall accessories and cosmetics just as I've rediscovered my enjoyment of thick soups, bread, pasta and sandwiches as well as cups of hot herbal tea and cozying myself in a cashmere /wool throw while burrowing into my chair with a book.

But footwear has really conquered my mind. I've been scouring website and catalogs looking for fabulous boots to keep my cold averse feet warm and dry during the months ahead. 

My tolerance for heels has diminished through the years. As such I truly appreciate  boots with a heel no higher than 2 inches. But my boots must be leather and the Ugg styles of sheepskin boots that look  like mid calf slippers do not appeal. I've worn them as slippers, but cannot face the outside world in f'ugly footwear. My psyche craves classic or flamboyant or artsy or artisan. 

While my Frye riding boots are my "go-to" boots for everyday and I rely on my Stewart Weitzman ankle boots for dressier occasions, until today my search for the perfect waterproof boot has been for naught. But I've found my "Holy Grail" waterproof, shearling lined, fashion conscious, comfort focused, flamboyant cold weather boot at Overland Sheepskin! While surfing the website for a hat I stumbled across a pair of boots that caused the angels to sing in my fractured mind!

I've got two other styles in my shopping cart. Must say No!!

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