Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trying to Embrace the Approach of Fall Thinking of Cashmere & Boots

For those of us who embrace the sun, heat, humidity, glistening skin, linen, the sounds of trickling water, and the slow easy pace of summer, the approach of autumn tolls the end of lazy afternoons spent on the porch with lime flavored iced tea, a book, and a cat lounging at one’s feet or evenings sipping wine on the deck in an Adirondack chair enjoying the beauty of the gardens and sounds of the Corinthian bells wind chimes with the aroma of some delicious treat on the grill or smoker.

Towards the end of September my psyche begins to prepare for hibernation. I do not ski. I do not appreciate cold weather, snow, wind, bare trees, leafless bushes, starkness, ice, frozen feet, closed windows, and a landscape bereft of color, texture and life.

Fortunately, I work from home and now have the privilege of avoiding a multi hour commute in inclement weather. And have a full wine cellar. But I still must venture outside to go to yoga, the grocery store, and run errands. The limited amount of sunlight causes seasonal affective disorder. I tend to withdraw into myself and embrace my home.My husband and I do not overindulge in holidays, which we believe focus too much on the commercial rather than the spiritual.  We do enjoy the days off from work.

For me the only facets of fall and the approaching winter that I can celebrate involve wearing whisper soft cashmere sweaters, wrapping myself in a cashmere shawl while sipping tea and reading in front of the fire, slipping on my beloved Frye boots, enjoying the aroma of burning leaves, watching the birds at the feeder through my window, and embracing rich cool weather pasta, soups, & stews and huddling under a lovely down comforter.

Perhaps my mood has transitioned as a result of receiving fall catalogs in the mail, which I perused this afternoon and caused me to start thinking about wearing sweaters. It could be the earlier sunsets, the smell of the cinnamon bun candle I lit this afternoon, the leaves starting to brown, or the cats fattening up. Maybe a part of me looks forward to pulling out my favorite cashmere sweaters from Garnet Hill!  Cashmere does bring me joy!

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