Wednesday, March 6, 2024

It Is Time for No Labels !


Apparently the die is cast and the two major political parties will select the least likable candidates in modern history to represent their platforms in the 2024 presidential election. It is time for No Labels to enter a candidate into the race. I will not vote for Trump or Biden. Many moderates have told me the same thing. They would rather cast a protest vote for RFK, Jr. or any other third party candidate than hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two abominations yet another time.

Trump won in 2016 because people voted against Hillary Clinton. Biden won in 2020 because he wasn’t Trump. After 8 years of divisiveness, many of us cannot support the worst of the worst who have embarrassed us on the world stage and further polarized the electorate. 

Trump’s denigrating comments about Haley have further alienated her constituency. He can’t win. Biden is a doddering cadaver being propped up by his handlers and wheeled out for scripted events he can’t navigate. 

It is time for bold moves. Remember, the Whig party had its brief moment in the sun.

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