Sunday, March 3, 2024

Super Tuesday Voters - Please Do Not Saddle the USA with another Biden v Trump!


Dear Citizens of America, 

Where have you been at the recent caucuses and primaries? Where are the people who are horrified at the possibility that Donald Trump & Joe Biden will be the candidates for President in 2024? Neither is fit intellectually, morally, cognitively, or politically to represent the United States  of America on the national or international stage. 

Is everyone so gullible to believe the propaganda spewed by the sycophants that support either candidate that one can’t see the damage both aged, egoistic, fiscally unsound, narcissistic damage these two men have done to this great country! 

Stop the madness! Tell both wanna be emperors they have no clothes! Stop pandering. It is my fervent wish that neither Trump nor Biden will be on the ballot in November. Like many moderates, I will not vote for either. I haven’t missed voting in a presidential election since 1980- even when I was living in Asia. But in 2024, unless both parties come to grips with the shadow puppets and convince both Trump and Biden to step down, for the good of the country, I will be a conscientious objector and vote for a third party candidate. If enough citizens who loathe the concept of another term with either miscreant do the same thing, perhaps the dueling houses of cards with collapse. 

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