Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Celebrating Life


My husband and I recently celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. That may not seem like a glorious journey, but for us it was an affirmation of life.

Our parents enjoyed over 60 years of marriage. That was a different time. We are both grateful that our parents continued to appreciate one another over 6 decades, with love, humor and tolerance.

Our generation has been different. We both had starter marriages, marriages that failed for various reasons, relationships that just didn’t work. Rather than wallow in the negativity of those unsuccessful relationships, we kept putting ourselves out there, believing in kismet, knowing that the numbers game could ultimately bring us together with a soulmate. 

It happened. This is not to say everyday is glorious. There are times in which we disagree. But, in the scheme of life, we support one another, share the good and the bad, try to always remember the reasons we connected and decided to make it work. 18 years. We still like each other, still appreciate what we bring to the relationship, still accept our differences, still have a joint goal and vision of the future. That is what makes my heart sing. 

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