Monday, April 29, 2024

Considering Retirement


In July I have a milestone celebration, my 65th birthday. I don’t  feel aged. I have no infirmities. I’m at the top of my game in a technical role at work. I appreciate my manager. I have the upmost respect for our group leader. However, last week it was announced there is yet another reorganization. I am fatigued with reorganization. I understand that people who eschew management positions make the decision to remain relatively unsung in the corporate hierarchy. I’m at peace with that. But sometimes, the decisions made appear to be unrelated to what is good for the company and the employees who toil wordlessly as the cogs in the wheel, without voice, agency, the ability to challenge the status quo, or seek consideration. 

I’m one of the lucky ones who feels appreciated and is asked for feedback on occasions. 

But, I have concerns that those in the ivory towers miss  so much of what makes an organization dynamic.

It is the people who show up everyday, online or in person, that keep the clock ticking and the organization thriving. Best those at rather top keep that in mind.

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