Friday, May 3, 2024

I Am A Woman of a Certain Age & I will Not Hide My Crepey Arms!


So many fashion blogs and articles recommend that wmen of a certain age should wear at least elbow length sleeves even in the heat of summer to save the general public from having to view our less than youthful arms. Forget-about-it! If somebody is offended by the creases in my inner elbows, it is their problem, not mine.

When the sun elevates the temperature to near tropical temperatures, I will embrace my tank tops, halters, strapless spaghetti strap tops with confidence. Really, are my less than muscular arms less attractive than that of a zaftig woman 30 years my junior wearing the Tik Tok fashions of the day? I think not! 

It causes me sadness to consider all of the women who worry about exposing their less than youthful arms, insisting on elbow length matronly shirts for fear of celebrating the achievement of survival.

We have earned the right to bare arms! Isn’t that a Constitutional right? 

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