Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Friendly Reminder~ Leggings Are Not Pants!

A Friendly Reminder~ Leggings Are Not Pants!

Stacy & Clinton are retiring their wit and wisdom; as such, it is up to those who love fashion and have a sense of decorum (no matter how limited it may be) to remind those fashion-challenged persons of a few simple rules.

Since autumn is upon us, it is now time for that friendly reminder to the women of the world. Please repeat after me: “Leggings are not pants!” Again! Let me hear a chant! Leggings are not pants!

I know. Leggings are “comfortable”.  I LOVE leggings – particularly the wonderful Zella leggings one can find at Nordstrom. I wear them under tunics, skirts, short dresses, and to yoga. Zella leggings are durable, comfortable, and versatile. And, there is no reason one cannot run an errand or have a quick drink after a workout while still wearing one’s workout clothes. In fact, if all women were as gorgeously fit and tasteful as my yoga instructor, Jill, this would not be an issue.

But, alas, not all leggings (or legs) are equal. It is unfair to the general public to subject the world at large to what many individuals exhibit in their personal striving for comfort.  Unless you are heading to or from a work out, your pelvic area should not be exposed by relatively thin, sometimes see through, underwear or worse revealing, tights-quality, leggings. I work in insurance claims and have seen victims of catastrophic accidents that are far less disturbing than an unfit woman sporting pastel colored tights / leggings with visible bright red or polka dot or leopard print undies with a tank top ( or…a thong!)

Again, I love my leggings. And it matters not if you wear them with nary an accessory but pearls while you are at home. But, please be considerate of others.

Note to Anita: I have not indulged in wine yet!



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