Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Review: The Grrrl of Limberlost by Annie Pearson

Book Review: The Grrrl of Limberlost by Annie Pearson

Written by a former technical writer for Microsoft, Annie Pearson, the protagonist of The Grrrl of Limberlost is mathematics wizard / network security programmer/ developer Samsara (“Sam”) Byron.  The story involves murder, mayhem, Russian gangsters, stolen computer code, an eclectic array of characters that inhabit an island in the Puget Sound, family dysfunction and decades old misunderstandings.

While I was not immediately pulled into the story, it was worth plunging forward. Ultimately, I enjoyed the book immensely. I found the beginning confusing, the plot a bit too convoluted,  the scenarios implausible, and some of the characters almost caricatures – particularly the Eastern Europeans.   However, Sam and her cadres of quirky relatives, friends, and neighbors are appealing and there were moments when I laughed out loud – a reaction generally reserved for Stephanie Plum books.

All in all I liked the book. I did receive a free galley from in exchange for a review or I probably wouldn’t have read The Grrrl of Limberlost. But I’m glad I did.  This is a strong 3.75 stars.   

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